Brigitte Canty

“We are constantly fed information on our impact, but rarely given an empowering way to better our situation. Success to me is preserving our planet.”

Brigitte Canty is the co-founder of ZERO, a one-stop-shop eCommerce marketplace for holistically sustainable fashion brands that have been vetted in accordance with extensive environmental and ethical standards. The Hall of Femme honoree focuses on the relationship between the fashion industry and environmental prosperity — and she’s got the skills to pay the bills. Brigitte studied International Relations and Global Business at USC and Sustainable Development during a semester at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. And before launching ZERO, she interned at National Geographic and supported research on the climate ramifications of deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest for the Earth Law Center. 

Brigitte credits her mom with bringing her up on the idea that “when you light additional candles, it doesn't put out the flame of the initial candle; rather, it just gives you more light.” With this philosophy, she uplifts women by supporting and sharing the scientific knowledge she has accumulated in order to help them get ahead. To Brigitte, the natural world is equally as fascinating as it is important. Her goal is to “reinvent the fashion industry from within, protecting and preserving our planet's natural resources,” and her motivation is even clearer. “There is nothing I care about more than nature and respecting the planet we live in,” says Brigitte. “My work allows me to be the voice for our natural world and preserve what we have.”

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