LeAnn Darland + Tara Hankinson

From delivering beer all over New York City in a rented van to opening Williamsburg’s hippest new craft brewery, the cofounders of Talea Beer are committed to more inclusivity and diversity in beer.

Leann Darland and Tara Hankinson first met working at beer e-commerce startup Hopsy, where they both noticed a huge gap in the craft beer industry: brands weren’t talking to women, and brewery experiences weren’t as elevated as winery experiences. 

Cut to opening Talea (a hybrid of their names), a brewery that produces “easy-to-love” beers in vibrant, often pink or red-hued cans. The taproom hosts regular classes like yoga, parent meetups (both founders are also parents), and candle-making, and ‘beermosas’ are frequently on the menu. 

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