Linda Greub


Linda Greub is the co-founder and Managing Partner of Avestria Ventures, which invests in women’s health and female-led life science ventures. Launched in 2019, Avestria is a female-run business with the goal to support women’s health and female founders in healthcare through their investment, expertise, and networks — and in the process, inspire more women to invest, to start and/or lead a business, and to advocate for themselves and their health. 

“Only 4 percent of overall funding for research and development goes to women’s specific healthcare products and services. Since women’s health has been historically overlooked, under-researched, and underfunded, we’re learning more about it every day,” says Linda. “Every new female-led startup that reaches unicorn status and every women’s health company that gets acquired is a chance for others to see the financial potential of and need for these leaders and these companies – and for increased investment, innovation, and improvement in the landscape for female founders, for women’s health, and for healthcare in general.”

For more than 30 years, Linda has invested in public and private life science companies as an institutional investor, corporate M&A executive, hedge fund analyst, and private venture investor. Innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment is in her DNA. “I grew up in a family that valued independence and, as a result, I never saw myself as pursuing an institution-based career,” Linda says. “In fact, I always wanted to start a business and find that big idea which inspired me enough to go after it on my own. Avestria gave me that idea.”

As a woman in fields dominated by men, Linda’s work is incredibly personal. “​​Through Avestria, I can try to affect change on three levels: getting more women into investment roles, advocating for women in entrepreneurship, and supporting women in healthcare.”

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