Liz Brusca

Liz Brusca is the president and co-founder of Bevridge, a content, e-commerce, and marketing platform that uses storytelling to enhance consumers’ journeys through the world of premium spirits (like tasting kits paired with immersive on-demand video content!). She is a self-described “people person” who defines success as “accomplishing something new and beyond the expected.” And with more than 20 years of experience growing major brands like Goorin Brothers and Anchor Distilling, Liz has a knack for creating unique experiences. “I've always valued traveling and learning about new cultures, which has gone hand in hand with my appreciation of good food, a good drink, and a good story,” says Liz. “I love this industry, because in most cultures, if not all, it's food and drink that often bring people together for convivial moments.”

Liz was nominated for the Hall of Femme by Victoria Najjar, who praised her as “a true trailblazer and connector” who “conquers and succeeds at everything she does.” In addition to running Bevridge, Liz also uplifts other women in the community through her hiring practices, volunteer work, and mentoring opportunities. “I enjoy coaching women on the art of negotiation and presentations,” she says. It’s just one of the ways Liz works to champion “a culture of creativity, accountability and inclusion” and build an environment where everyone can find success (and toast to it)! 

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