Mallun Yen

Mallun Yen is a serial entrepreneur; a creator, builder, and scaler of companies, communities and products. In 2018, she founded Operator Collective, a disruptive new approach to venture capital which brings together limited partners (LPs) – a group critical to a startup’s success but largely absent from the venture ecosystem: senior operating leaders from diverse backgrounds. Operator Collective launched their debut $50M+ fund in December 2019 with 100+ operator LPs, and they were joined by notable institutional LPs as well. By the end of 2021, Operator Collective had invested in 42 portfolio companies (21 core, 21 supporting). 

"Mallun started Operator Collective to help bring women into venture capital, and OpCo has since raised 50 million dollars to invest in enterprise B2B software,” says Leyla Seka, a fellow Hall of Femme nominee who nominated Mallun. “What's more impressive is that OpCo's LP base is 90% women and 40% people of color. Mallun unlocked one of the biggest white boy clubs around and opened up a way to make money for so many women and people of color.  She is a baller." 

Mallun is based in the San Francisco/Bay Area of California..

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