Randijah Simmons

Randijah Simmons, known by many for her online persona YungDij, is a capital “C” Creator who is laser-focused on building her own businesses and spaces for other creatives to thrive. We quickly fell in love with Randijah’s line and e-comm site, bydij, where visitors are greeted by a custom smiley face and this message “How are you feeling? Is everything okay? Are you taking care of yourself? I hope so! Just remember, YOU DESERVE NICE THINGS ☺️” and hoodies and pillows emblazoned with “Protect & Respect Black Women/People” along with swimwear and towels bearing “MY BODY IS NOT A POLITICAL PLAYGROUND.”  

It’s this focus on empowerment and self-care that led Randijah, along with Co-Founder and long-time collaborator SiSi Hood to create The Babe Cave L.A. in downtown Los Angeles a few months into the COVID pandemic.  Launched to help cultivate their community’s creativity, The Babe Cave L.A. was designed to serve as a safe space and community for artists.  The facility offers everything needed for creators to bring their visions to life and manifest their goals with two photography rooms and equipment and unique set design elements. Randijah and SiSi are explicit with their mission, sharing on the Cave’s site that “our goal is to provide an affordable creative space that encourages artists to create and grow their brand.”  For many who seek to pursue their dreams in a creative space, these types of resources and the opportunity to interact with successful entrepreneurs like Randijah can prove invaluable.  

As the first small-business owner in her family Randijah told us, “I want to break boundaries, stereotypes, and create generational opportunities” and that she did so “by carrying out my ideas and perseverance.” Through being a first in her family, she has “created a world of many possibilities,” and wants to tell other women looking to shatter a glass ceiling: “GO FOR IT!!!”