Sallie Falls

Nurtured by a family of artists and costumers, Sallie Falls learned to develop her artistic practice early in childhood. Today, the LA-based designer focuses primarily on experiential production design, and her passion for creating the ultimate experience and skill for understanding the client vision has earned her the title of ‘dream machine.’ Her brand is easily recognizable and highly sought after by production companies, events, and festivals alike. When she can’t do the work herself, Sallie says she “thrives on spreading the gift of recs.” 

“Supporting the femmes around us and uplifting other humans is the name of the game - if there is ever a job I have to turn down or pass on, my number one recommendation will be a femme right next to me,” says Sallie. “I’m supporting those individuals (with) any information I can pass on to make their work better.”

Sallie believes that every moment is a chance for expression, and it is her mission to give her audience an opportunity to experience something unique and everlasting – a cerebral goodie bag they can take with them.

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