Simmone Taitt


Simmone Taitt is a sales, innovation, and growth strategy leader and the founder of Poppy Seed Health, a wellness platform providing on-demand support for those navigating pregnancy, postpartum, miscarriage, and loss. The app connects expecting parents with medical advocates (nurses, doulas, and midwives) in an effort to close the gaps in maternal healthcare for all women, especially women of color. The company was born from Simmone’s own path to parenthood: after suffering multiple miscarriages and an isolating experience with her doctor, she set out to become a birth and full-spectrum doula and build a “trusted, safe digital space” for birthing people. Now, she’s disrupting the entire maternal healthcare model.

“Accessibility and affordability are core to our mission,” Simmone says. “This is why I started Poppy Seed Health — to restructure pregnancy and postpartum care with an emphasis on emotional and mental health support that puts accessibility, equity and radical empathy at the center of our care model.”

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