Suze Dowling

As co-founder and Chief Business Officer of Pattern Brands, Suze Dowling is on a mission to transform how we enjoy daily life at home. She currently oversees four brands offering curated products for cooking, organizing, and maintaining a space — and dedicates herself to making space for other women, too. “We have incredibly strong female leadership at Pattern — which is something that I am very proud of,” says Suze. “I’m working to create a company that reflects my values; providing a culture that is not only fair, kind, and safe but also provides room for education, curiosity, and exploration.”

Prior to co-founding Pattern, Suze led the famed challenger agency Gin Lane, where she launched over 50 DNVB brands and shaped the founder journey for Harry’s, Hims, Sweetgreen, Quip, and more. The Aussie entrepreneur (who moved to the US despite never having visited!) was nominated for the Hall of Femme by Pat Dowling, who praised her for being “a steadfast advocate for everyone having a seat at the table.” 

According to Suze, collaborating with others is what she loves most about her work. “Nothing brings me greater joy than positively influencing others to achieve or exceed their goals one bite-size step at a time,” she says. “And in doing so, I’ve been able to achieve mine.”

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