Tyrona Heath

An award-winning marketer, speaker and two-time Olympic Trials qualifier in the 800 meters, Tyrona (Ty) Heath is Director of Market Engagement for
The B2B Institute at LinkedIn, a think tank studying the future of B2B marketing and decision making. She is also cofounder of TransformHer, the premier conference for professional women of color and allies in technology. During Ty’s seven-year time at Google, she authored "Marketers of Tomorrow: A Step-by-Step Toolkit for Inbound Marketing."

“As marketing professionals, we are uniquely positioned to shape how people think, see themselves, and view the world. Marketing has the power to influence culture — this is a power we should not take lightly … we should use that position to create positive change,” she said. ““I want to take on things that are worthy of this life… Life today calls for a new breed of leaders. I don’t want to just go through the motions.”

Beyond her day-to-day work, Ty serves on the Digital Marketing Institute's Global Advisory Council, on the Board of Directors for the American Advertising Federation and as an Adobe Insider with top executives, experts, and pioneers in technology. She is a frequent industry and academic speaker on the marketing circuit, having appeared at INBOUND, Festival of Marketing, ADCOLOR, Marketing Society Changemakers, Ghana Tech Summit, Adobe Summit and the Digital Summit events. She is based in New York City.

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