Une Femme Firsts: Jane Fonda

Actress and activist Jane Fonda has a resume that would take anyone’s breath away. A winner of Academy Awards, British Academy Film Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Emmy Award, Palme d’Or, and Cecil B. DeMille Award, her film career, alone, puts Fonda solidly in the legend category. But it’s her activism that makes her inspiring above and beyond other stars from the silver screen.

"To be a revolutionary you have to be a human being. You have to care about people who have no power,” Fonda told Newsweek in 1977. Alongside her film career, she launched a lifetime of political, social, and environmental activism, which included protesting the Vietnam War and organizing to fight climate change, among many other pressing issues. Regarding climate change, last year Fonda dropped everything and moved to Washington DC to launch weekly protests called Fire Drill Fridays. Her demand is that Congress pass the Green New Deal and she believes civil disobedience is the best way to make that happen.

For someone like Fonda, who was born a socialite and enjoyed a successful Hollywood career, it would have been easy for her to check out. Instead, she checked in all the way, breaking glass ceilings by using her voice and privilege to better the world in a way that has never been done by a woman celebrity. Cheers to you, Jane Fonda! Keep tuning in for the rest of the month to see more Une Femme Firsts, a series that celebrates legendary women throughout history.