The Piquette | 750mL Low-ABV Chilled Red Wine

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Our 2021 release of The Piquette is sold out. Consider our new launch of Piquettes: Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.

Meet your new favorite wine: The Piquette. This juicy, light-bodied, low-ABV still red is best served chilled.

This wine's ruby red color comes from the second pressing of 100% organic meunier (one of the three famous grapes of Champagne) from the beautiful van der Kamp vineyards of Sonoma Mountain, and was made by Samantha Sheehan, one of our favorite winemakers in California.

Piquette is an age-old style of winemaking that farmhands have been making for generations. Invented as a way to use skins, stems, and pulp leftover from a grape’s first pressing in winemaking, piquette uses that pomace for a second pressing. (Almost like the second dip of a tea bag. True upcycling.) 

Fewer than 2,000 bottles of this vintage were made, and it’s meant to be enjoyed now, with someone you love.


This light, fresh pinot meunier has ripe black cherry and hints of hibiscus on the nose. We find juicy blackberry and a touch of earthiness on the palate.

100% meunier from the organic Van Der Kamp vineyards on Sonoma Mountain

2020 Vintage

Only 2,000 bottles produced

Bottled in November 2020

Serve chilled


We made The Piquette in direct response to the California wildfires that ravaged wine country this fall, as our own small part to help to slow climate change. 

For every bottle of The Piquette you buy, we'll plant a tree through our partners at TreeSisters, a global nonprofit focused on reforesting the tropics by inspiring and channeling women's leadership into local and global action.



The van der Kamp Vineyard has a long history at the very top of Sonoma Mountain, at a 1,400 foot elevation looking down on the town of Glen Ellen to the east and Bennett Valley to the northwest. It is possibly the oldest planting of Pinot Noir still producing, planted in the early 1950s.

Th­e van der Kamp family embraces natural farming and non-invasive techniques. Th­e vineyard has a great amount of variation in soil types, slopes, sun and wind exposure.

Constantly farmed for over 100 years, it was originally planted by the parents of Russell Cundi, good friends of the van der Kamp family. Martin van der Kamp started purchasing Pinot Noir grapes from Russell in the mid-1960s for home winemaking. After Russell suffered a stroke, he asked Martin and his son Ulysses to take over the land for him and with help from friends, the van der Kamps were able to purchase this Sonoma Mountain Vineyard in 1989.

For Ulysses, having been raised in Napa Valley alongside many established grape growing families, becoming a winegrower seemed a very natural thing to do. Today, he and his father feel linked to the land, not just emotionally but more so spiritually. Ulysses explains: “We try to match each variation with an assorted selection of clones, irrigation practices, trellising and pruning techniques. Our goal is to define what ‘balance’ really is in the vineyard. To that end, we are heading toward more biodynamic farming techniques, which are geared to keep us in harmony with all our surroundings. The greatest reward is that our pursuit of family viticulture helps us to understand the great mysteries of being in harmony with Nature


Napa Winemaker Samantha Sheehan founded POE in 2009 after being inspired by the wines she tasted in Burgundy and Champagne.  Her goal is not to replicate Burgundy, but rather to create vineyard-specific, age-worthy wines revealing the beautiful terroir of California. She uses minimal intervention, minimal sulfur, and never any additives.

At POE, Samantha produces traditional Champagne method sparkling wines, rosé, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and a nouveau from Pinot Noir.  Each wine is made in very limited quantities and sold directly from the winery to top restaurants around the country.

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