Dear Friends

In August, 2020, my home burned to the ground in the Walbridge Wildfire. In what felt like an instant, 200 homes - and our community - were entirely decimated. After the fire, all that was left of our cabin - built in the 70s on eleven acres of redwood forest with a creek running through it - was a burnt roof and a forest of unrecoverable trees.

In the months that followed, I began to wrap my head and my heart around the idea of what comes next, with the understanding that everything that you hold dear can be gone in an instant. As hard as it is to put one foot in front of the next, as hard as it is to have hope in moments like these, we must.

More than ever, I realized that this life is short, that our people are precious, that happiness can be built around a simple life in a great community, and that each moment is a treasure. For the first time, I truly realized that how we spend our time at work truly matters, and that we can choose to make an impact in addition to making a product or a profit.

Sometimes it feels weird to talk about the fires, but I've realized that doing so helps to make the environmental impacts of our actions feel more real and urgent. And they are.

At Une Femme, we're committed to our wines being a vehicle to make impact around climate change. As a first step, we've partnered with TreeSisters, the global non-profit that mobilizes women in many of the world's poorest countries to plant trees in a massive reforestation effort. For every bottle of our Piquette sold, we plant a tree.

Each of our wines are produced as sustainably as possible. Our Piquette hails from the 100% organic Sonoma Mountain Van Der Kamp vineyard, and our Juliette Champagne is farmed organically, with minimal intervention in the winery.

In transparency, our Callie sparkling rosé is made through more conventional means, but we're working to change that. The reality is, to grow and scale a wine brand at affordable prices, it's tough to go organic. But we're currently taking steps to bring further sustainability measures to our production for the lightest footprint we can make.

We're all in this together, so let's drink great wine while working to give back

- Jen Pelka, Co-Founder, Une Femme Wines

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