The Juliette is 100% organically farmed and each plot is vinified separately to emphasize the terroir.

The Piquette is made with upcyced grapes, with 100% organic second-pressings of Pinot Meunier.

The Callie is not (yet) organic but is as sustainably sourced as possible.

Sustainability is a priority for us at Une Femme, and central to our everyday.

Wine is inherently a natural, agricultural product, and though there have been modernizations in grape farming, wine processing, and microbiology, the process is essentially the same as it has been for thousands of years. There is an emerging category of wines referred to as “natural wine.” Though all wine is natural, “natural wine” refers to a focus on more traditional winemaking processes, where pesticides, exogenous yeast, or additives are added to the unfermented grape juice (called must) or wine. This style of winemaking relies on the yeast and bacteria living on the skins of the grapes to ferment the must and turn it into wine. These wines are typically much more variable in quality and sensory profile from year to year, and even batch to batch or tank to tank, and can express very unique and interesting aromas created by wild yeast and bacteria, such as “funky” aromas and sour flavors. 

At Une Femme, we do not make “natural wine” in this sense. We model our process to ensure we are showcasing the delicate, clean, crisp, and fruity notes of our favorite traditional sparkling wine grapes, such as chardonnay and pinot noir. The world of natural wine is fun to explore

Sulfites occur naturally in wine, but are also added by winemakers as a preservative, mainly to ensure the bacteria that turns wine into vinegar does not survive in the wine. All wine naturally has some level of sulfites in them, which are naturally occuring in grapes and through the fermentation process, however at Une Femme we do use sulfites to ensure our wines are as excellent many years in the future as they are today.

Our wines are currently not Kosher. As wine holds a unique sacramental purpose in Judaism, the rules to certify wine as Kosher are stricter than other food and beverage items. In short, the entire winemaking process, from crushing to bottling must be conducted by Sabbath-observing Jews to consider the wine Kosher.

Yes, wine is naturally gluten free.

Currently, we produce our wines in Sonoma and Lodi, California.  All of the grapes used in Une Femme Wines are grown in California’s North and Central Coasts, as well as the Central Valley.

There are 25 ounces of wine in a 750mL standard-sized wine bottle and 6.3 ounces of wine in a 187mL mini wine bottle.

One 750mL bottle of wine will serve about 5 glasses. One 187mL bottle of wine, our mini sparkling wine bottle, serves 1 glass and is ideal for single-serve wine.

Piquette is a naturally low-ABV style of winemaking that utilizes the second-pressing of grape skins. (True upcycling!) Lightly bubbly and low-alcohol, piquette wines take the grape skins and stems leftover from the traditional winemaking process and ferment them a second time. The resulting wine has less alcohol since there are fewer sugars to ferment in the second pressing.  We produce two types of piquettes: a Chardonnay Piquette featuring Chardonnay from the naturally farmed Three Streams Vineyards of Mendocino, and a Pinot Noir Piquette from the oldest plantings of Pinot Noir & Pinot Meunier in California.

Piquettes are best served chilled and can be enjoyed straight from the can or mixed into mimosas, low-alcohol cocktails, punches and more.

All of our wines are sparkling, which of course means delightful bubbles, but also pressure, and pressure can lead to projectiles! It is important to open sparkling wine carefully, primarily to avoid that cork becoming a missile, but also to keep our fabulous wines from gushing out of the bottle. 

To safely open a bottle of sparkling wine, first grab a tea towel or kitchen cloth. Twist the wire on the muselet open, but keep it in place over the cork. Cover the cork and muselet with the towel. While keeping one hand firmly around the cork and towel, hold the bottom of the bottle and gently wiggle the bottle back and forth. Twist the bottle, not the cork. You should feel the cork begin to loosen and slide out from the neck. 

The goal is to extrude the cork with the faintest hiss of gas. Popping the cork from the bottle is both dangerous, and bad for the quality of the wine, as it leads to a lot of the bubbles leaving the wine at once making it go flat faster. 

Never use anything other than your hands to remove a cork. Bringing a tool into the effort may cause the bottle to crack, or even explode.

At Une Femme, our house style of sparkling wine is delightfully fresh and vibrant with fruity notes. Our wines are intended to drink fresh, not aged. 

Though we prefer not to age our wines, as long they are unopened, they can be consumed years after purchasing. Wine does not “go bad” in the food safety sense of the word - drinking old wine will not harm you. However, as wine ages it will change in flavor and aroma. 

Once opened, sparkling wine should be consumed within a day or two. A sparkling wine stopper will help preserve the wine longer once opened.

At this time, canned Une Femme Wines are only available thorugh select partners, such as Delta Airlines. If you tried The Betty sparkling white wine or The Callie sparkling rosé wine on a Delta flight and enjoyed it, you can buy it by the bottle through our website here.

At Une Femme, we evaluate all of our wine, packaging, material, facility, and logistics decisions through the lens of sustainability, ensuring we make the right call not just for the quality of our wines, but for the sustainability of our operation.  We are very proud of our sustainability processes and will continue to seek ways to improve and innovate in this area as our business grows.

We choose eco-friendly packages for our wines, be it our infinitely recyclable cans, to our glass bottles, which are about 20% lighter than standard sparkling wine bottles, meaning they use less material to produce, and require less fuel to move. 

Though many winemakers are choosing to switch to synthetic or screw cap enclosures for their bottles, we have stuck with natural cork in order to support the Mediterranean cork industry. The Mediterranean cork forest acts as a carbon sink for 14m tons of CO2 per year. 

When it comes to what’s in the can or bottle, our delicious wines all come from certified sustainable wineries in California, ensuring our winemaking processes adhere to California’s gold standard. 

Even our choices regarding manufacturing footprint were made to conglomerate our winemaking, bottling and canning, and warehousing, ensuring we burn as little fuel as possible as we move our wines through the supply chain to you.

Yes, please do! The bottle should be recycled, along with the wire muselet. The cork can be composted.

Shipping & Delivery

Shipping wine is complicated! You will find a list of the states each wine can be shipped to on the product detail page on our website.  Each of our sparkling wines includes the latest list of states we can ship to beneath the product description on the product page.

At this time, we are not able to ship Une Femme Wines internationally outside of the United States. Maybe someday!

Through our website, you can order Une Femme to be shipped to your residence, but not to a local wine shop.  

If you are interested in local shopping, be sure to check out our ‘Where to Find’ page to find a location closest to you to order or purchase Une Femme. You can also politely suggest to your favorite wine shop that they carry Une Femme Wines and have them visit our distributor page for more information.

Our wine ships from retailers and distributors across the country, so the delivery time largely depends on where the recipient is located.  On average, an order placed online will be delivered in 7-10 days, assuming there aren’t extenuating circumstances such as extreme weather.

If you need your order sooner or have a specific timeline for wine delivery, please reach out to customer service who will try their best to accommodate.

An adult over the age of 21 needs to be home to sign for the delivery.

After you place an order through our website, you will receive an order confirmation email, as well as a notification when the wine actually ships.  In these emails, you will also find a shipping tracking link with more up-to-date information directly from the delivery service.

Just like with any delivery, the carrier will either leave a note or attempt another delivery at a later date. If after a few attempts are made (number determined by each individual carrier), you are still not able to sign for and receive the delivery, it will be returned to the retailer.

If the order has not been shipped out yet, it may be possible to change the recipient or address.  Please reach out to customer service to check if this is possible.

Yes! Who doesn’t love receiving wine as a gift? Une Femme Wines make lovely gifts for the women in your life and for moments both big and small.  At checkout, you can add a gift message which will be included in the packing slip in the wine delivery.  

Questions or Issues with Your Order

After you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation email to the email address you provided at checkout. The order confirmation email includes all pertinent information about your order including pricing, delivery tracking and customer service information.

Please reach out to customer service with questions or issues about your wine order.

Oh no! We’re so sorry this happened - shipping wine is difficult and sometimes bottles break in transit or there’s a mistake in order processing.  Please reach out to customer service as soon as possible and we’ll make it right.

Orders canceled within 1 hour of placing the order will receive a full refund. After that timeframe, a refund cannot be guaranteed.

Alcohol products sold via the unefemmewines.com site are final sale. If you have a question or issue with your order, please reach out to customer service.

Retail & Distributors

We are continuing to expand where you can order, purchase and enjoy Une Femme Wines across the country. Check out our Where to Find page to find the locations closest to you.

Visit our Distributors page for more information on our distributor partners by state.