world-class women-made wines

That give back to female-centered charities.

When women gather, magic happens.

And by magic, we mean wine and laughter.

Une Femme wines are perfect for celebrating life's moments that matter - big and small. Whether toasting to landing the dream job, smashing yet another glass ceiling or just making it through the week, sometimes we just need a bit of sparkle.

At Une Femme, we believe that when women gather over wine, we don't just raise a glass - we raise each other up.

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The label is meant to be a celebration of women—named after women, and made by women, too. All along the supply chain, the Pelkas worked with women

A Champagne wish comes true. Jen Pelka, an owner of the Riddler, now has a new wine brand, Une Femme, with a premier cru brut Champagne.

The Betty is a light and versatile California sparkling white wine in a classic brut style, delivering aromatic notes of honeysuckle, orange blossom, and Meyer lemon peel on the nose.

Giving Back
Every purchase of Une Femme contributes to one of our charitable partners.
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Woman made wines that give back to women.  Sparkling wines including sparkling rose, sparkling white, piquettes and more made by female winemakers in Champagne, Napa, Sonoma and Central Coast California. Women-made wines that give back to women's causes, shipped and delivered directly to your door.
Uplifting Women
Honoring women who shatter glass ceilings & make the world better for all.
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