Nominate Someone Today

At Une Femme, we believe that all it takes is one woman to shatter another glass ceiling.

To celebrate all the women out there making history, we’re launching The Hall of Femme, inducting 365 women over 365 days, and sending each of them Une Femme to toast to their successes.

Who are we celebrating?


“The Hall of Femme” a year-long awards program highlighting 365 women who have shattered glass ceilings

We're looking for a diverse, exciting, and inspiring group of women to feature, celebrate, and toast to. In addition to being featured on our social and digital media, all women selected will receive a really fun award from us -- a custom-engraved crate with three bottles of Une Femme and a piece of stunt glass that they can shatter in celebration of that accomplishment. (Because those who have shattered a metaphorical glass ceiling deserve an opportunity to literally shatter glass in celebration.)

Do you know any women who deserve to be celebrated?

If so, we would love your nominations. We're starting outreach now for women to highlight -- and we need 365+ to make this happen. Community nominations will be essential to us pulling this off, and we want to know who you know who deserves to be celebrated. At Une Femme, we believe that you don't have to be the first woman in the world to do something to shatter a glass ceiling. You can be the first woman in your family, or on your block.

Who are we Celebrating?

We will be celebrating entrepreneurs, founders, artists, creatives, activists, elected officials, doctors, scientists, environmentalists, designers, writers, editors, athletes, and beyond. Women who are household-name celebrities and hometown heroes alike. Women of all ages. Women of diverse backgrounds. Women who represent strength, power, and positivity. Women who have made the world (or their world) a better place.