12 Fun Ways to Gather the Girls

Did you know gathering with your girls is really important? It’s precisely why we’ve launched Project Gather, a program designed to ritualize the act of women gathering. The data shows that not only does women convening do great things for our mental health and wellness, but it leads to bigger, better outcomes professionally like promotions, more money, and access to seats at the decision-making table.

Plus, girls’ night always feels good. Magic happens. Legendary inside jokes are made. Souls are fed. 

So what are you waiting for? Text your friends. Call you cousin. Round up your college buddies. Get the girls together ASAP.

Here are super simple ideas to gather the girls and spend time together.

  1. Do a weekend exercise class together. Afterwards, split up to get everything you need for brunch. Put someone on bagels. Someone else on coffee. Someone on bottles of bubbly. Convene in a backyard or park to celebrate your kickass morning.
  2. Host a networking lunch. Start with a small group and tell everyone to bring a colleague. Host a virtual meeting or get together at a fast casual place that you’d lunch at anyway. 
  3. Pull together a group of 12 to commit to learning how to play Hearts (or Spades, or if you’re a bunch of overachievers, Bridge!). Rotate hosts. Get custom playing cards made from a family-owned business we love
  4. Go hi-lo. Order pizzas and serve with bubbles. Done and done!
  5. Host a “Grocery Store Secrets” potluck dinner. Have everyone bring their go-to pre-made or semi-homemade grocery store dish. Our Head of Communications (who used to work the like at Thomas Keller's Per Se!) swears by everything on this list from TJs
  6. Host a Yearbook Party. Tell everyone to bring an old yearbooks. Pop some corks then reminisce, cringe, and laugh all night long.
  7. Hot outside? Invite a group over late night on a weekend for ice cream and bubbly. Did you know there are quite a few extraordinary, badass, delicious ice cream brands that were founded by women?!
  8. Take your book club on a travel adventure. Have everyone pick a different travel guide from a different country and come prepared to talk about the history of an amazing sight they’d like to see. Swap travel guides at the end to inspire jet setting. 
  9. Kickoff a monthly wine club. Pick a different varietal every month have everyone bring a bottle. Ask people to do a teeny bit of research about the vineyard and varietal to share with the group. 
  10. Make a ressy at your go-to restaurant and dine out. (Don't fix something that's not broken, right?) Switch seats every course so that you have a chance to catch up with someone new throughout the entire meal. 
  11. Walk and talk. Start a morning or evening walking crew. Pick a central location, map out a 2-mile loop, and start moving.
  12. Host a coffee table book swap. Who doesn’t love a big, gorgeous, inspiring book? Wrap and exchange Secret Santa-style. Not sure what to buy? We love this one.