6 Summer Travel Tips From Une Femme Co-Founder Jen Pelka

Summer is the season of exploration, relaxation, and a little adventure. Whether you're jetting off to an exotic destination or embarking on a road trip to uncover hidden gems closer to home, having the right travel tips on hand can make all the difference.

Jen Pelka, the visionary CEO and co-founder of Une Femme Wines, is no stranger to globetrotting. With her wealth of experience (and plethora of passport stamps), she’s sharing the best advice to help you make the most of your summer travels. From securing free flight upgrades to immersing yourself in local culture, these six tips from Jen will make your next journey extra special.

1. Set Your Out of Office and Embrace the Break

We know it can be difficult to disconnect, but before you embark on your summer adventure, remember to set your out-of-office email response. “Life is short. Take a break. Your work will be there for you when you get home,” says Jen. Give yourself the opportunity to fully immerse in the joy of travel. The memories you create during your trip will be priceless.

2. Loyalty Pays Off

If you can, consider picking an airline (and an airline credit card) and sticking with it. You’ll earn valuable perks such as free upgrades and access to exclusive lounges over time. “I am a long-time Delta loyalist and have worked my way up to Delta Diamond over the last decade, so I now regularly get upgrades for free,” Jen days. But the best part about flying Delta? “Of course, I always drink Une Femme when I am onboard.”

3. Speed Through Security with Clear

Invest in Clear! According to Jen, “It is the fastest and easiest way to breeze through airport security.” Clear allows you to skip long lines and swiftly move through the checkpoints, saving you precious time and reducing stress. Jen’s other airport tip? “Hydrate! And drink Une Femme between your sips of water.”

4. Master Your Itinerary with Google Maps

To keep track of the places you want to visit, rely on Google Maps as your ultimate travel companion. Jen swears by this method, combining expert reviews with personal recommendations from her circle. “I always start with suggestions from Eater, Infatuation, and Travel & Leisure, and then ask friends for their favorite spots,” she says. “When I save them on my Google map, I can see where there are clusters or neighborhoods I definitely don't want to miss.”

5. Dinner Reservations and Serendipitous Explorations

While you should plan some restaurant reservations and key activities—like museum visits or outdoor excursions—in advance, Jen suggests leaving your daytime schedule flexible for spontaneous explorations. “Book your dinner reservations for each night and leave your daytimes free for exploring,” she says. Embrace the thrill of stumbling upon hidden cafes, charming boutiques, and breathtaking vistas. By leaving room for serendipity, you allow yourself to truly absorb the essence of a travel spot.

6. Uncover Local Treasures at Markets

“There is no better way to get to know a place than visiting a local market,” says Jen. Farmers markets bursting with vibrant produce; food markets teeming with culinary delights; vintage and antique markets brimming with unique finds. These bustling hubs offer an authentic glimpse into the local culture, and Jen checks out as many as she can. “I always research markets, and am sure to hit a few on every trip,” she says. “That's where we buy little mementos for family and friends and gifts for ourselves, supporting local artisans along the way.”

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