How to Kick Off Rosé Season

As the temperatures begin to warm up and the flowers start to bloom, it's clear that rosé season is here. This beloved wine has become a staple of spring and summer, with its delicate pink hue and refreshing taste making it the perfect drink for warm weather gatherings. From picnics in the park to poolside parties, rosé is the ultimate beverage for any occasion.

Below are some ideas for how you can celebrate the start of rosé season.

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  1. Picnic with Sparkling Rosé - Sparkling rosé is a perfect pairing with a picnic, whether you're lounging in the park or at the beach. Bring along a bottle or two, and pair it with some light snacks and fresh fruit for a refreshing and fun picnic experience.

  2. Rosé Cocktail Party - Host a rosé cocktail party for your friends and family. Mix up a few of your favorite sparkling rosé cocktails, and pair them with some appetizers and small bites for a fun and festive evening.

  3. Rosé and Cheese Pairing - Sparkling rosé pairs beautifully with a range of cheeses, from creamy brie to sharp cheddar. Host a rosé and cheese pairing party, and experiment with different flavor combinations for a unique and delicious experience.

  4. Rosé Brunch - Rosé isn't just for dinner parties - it's also a great addition to brunch. Serve up some sparkling rosé mimosas and pair them with some brunch favorites like eggs benedict or avocado toast for a refreshing and fun meal.

  5. Rosé Tasting - Host a rosé tasting party with your friends and family. Pick up a few bottles of different sparkling rosé wines, and have everyone taste and rate each one for a fun and interactive experience.

  6. Rosé and Chocolate Pairing - Sparkling rosé pairs surprisingly well with chocolate, making it a perfect addition to any dessert table. Host a rosé and chocolate pairing party, and pair different types of chocolate with different sparkling rosé wines for a sweet and indulgent treat.

  7. Rosé Spa Day - Take your love for rosé to the next level with a rosé spa day. Indulge in a rosé-inspired spa treatment, like a rosé facial or a rosé-infused massage, and sip on some sparkling rosé for a relaxing and luxurious experience.

  8. Rosé and Seafood Pairing - Sparkling rosé pairs beautifully with seafood, making it a perfect addition to any seafood feast. Serve up some grilled shrimp or fresh oysters, and pair them with a crisp and refreshing glass of sparkling rosé for a delicious and summery meal.

  9. Rosé Garden Party - Host a rosé garden party and enjoy your sparkling rosé in the great outdoors. Set up a beautiful tablescape with fresh flowers and elegant glassware, and serve up some light bites and refreshing sparkling rosé for a chic and sophisticated party.

  10. Rosé Sunset Sail - Take your love for rosé out on the water with a sunset sail. Sip on some sparkling rosé as you take in the stunning views of the sunset and the water, and enjoy a relaxing and romantic evening with your loved ones.