Meet our new charitable partner, Bâtonnage

We're excited to announce our newest charitable partner. In 2024, we are so excited to partner with Bâtonnage to help support their mission of advancing women in the wine world through community, conversation and mentorship.

Une Femme and Bâtonnage come together to create change for women in wine, through wine. Both dedicated to supporting, elevating, and celebrating women, Une Femme and Batonnage drive the industry forward through their unique, progressive approaches - Bâtonnage to their community building and mentorship program, and Une Femme in creating a product that supports and highlights women, and by giving back. The two together carve a path forward for women. 

Une Femme and Bâtonnage are joining forces to invigorate change for women in wine, through wine. We are dedicated to supporting, elevating, and celebrating women and making the wine industry more equitable and accessible to women through community-building, mentorship and commerce purposefully designed to do good.

Bâtonnage was founded in 2018 with the intention of stirring up conversation about women in wine. What started as a grassroots Forum has grown into a diverse network of women around the world, at all stages of their careers. With a constant focus on action, Bâtonnage launched its impactful Mentorship program in 2020, and became a 501(c)(3) organization in 2021. Today, our network includes a growing community of more than 3,000 women wine professionals. 

Our mission is to transform the wine industry through a community-driven platform that enables women to enter into the business, to grow, and to thrive within it. We are dedicated to creating lasting change within the wine industry by supporting and empowering women at any phase in their career, through Mentorship, Community Building, Networking, and Job Opportunities.

Learn more about Bâtonnage at their website: