Meet our Talented Winemaker

Image of Evyn Cameron

Une Femme is on a mission to uplift and celebrate fierce females everywhere. And, we get super excited about talented women who make wine. Meet a very fierce female who crafts exceptional wines, Evyn Cameron, our winemaker! We're "so* proud to have her at Une Femme. 

  • She’s from New Jersey but now lives in Napa (with a stop in New Zealand along-the-way).
  • She has crafted acclaimed wines at cult-favorite vineyards like Crocker & Starr, Cliff Lede, Anaba and Seavey.
  • She’s got a super cute dog named Pepper.
  • She and her wife live in wine country with their *extremely* cute (sorry, Pepper!) almost two-year-old son and they have another baby on the way.
  • She's a mentor for Bâtonnage Forum and The Roots Foundation.
  • She's on the board of directors for Napa Green. 

And now, a little Q&A with Evyn...

What ignited your passion for wine and winemaking? 

My parents definitely jump started my interest in wine.  My mother, a professional perfumer, and my dad, a wine collector, always had wine with dinner and let my sister and I partake in conversations and tastes. From there, going to the School of Hospitality at Boston University and taking blind tasting courses as well as meeting different winemakers and understanding their craft, drove me to move to Napa. I remember my very first job at White Rock Vineyards - I got chills from just being there and doing the work. That's when I knew!

What's your favorite fun fact about wine?

It's complicated. But really, wine is one of the most complex liquids in the world.  It always fascinates me that you could take two winemakers who pick the same grapes on the same day from the same location and ultimately, that wine could taste completely different from one another.  Every nuanced decision could change the way the wine tastes!  

What ritual in your life do you swear by? 

Mise en place! (In French, that means “everything in place”)  Not only do I like a well organized kitchen, but I think it's important to set others up for success, whether that's my son's backpack for the next day or the needs of my coworkers.  It also lowers my stress level, daily, which is a plus. 

Tell us about a woman who has inspired you to take a risk. 

Not to be corny, but my wife inspires me every day.  She has taught me many things, one of which is being a calculated risk taker and to always have a strong voice.