Why Women Gathering is So Incredibly Important

Throughout history, big things have come from women banding together and cultivating a community. From suffragettes to the women’s liberation movement to #MeToo and Black Lives Matter, we’ve seen powerful change happen when women connect. The act of gathering — whether for a conference, protest, girls’ night, or book club — can be transformational.

Here at Une Femme, we’re always in favor of a get-together, and 2023 feels like a great time to take our seats at the table together. And while Galentine’s Day may feel like a made-up holiday, we think it serves as a significant opportunity for women to gather and celebrate one another. The best news? Data and research says that women gathering is a good thing for everyone. There are three great reasons to celebrate Galentine’s Day and gather with girls you love. 

Gathering with women can be essential to your mental wellness.

Spending time with close friends is a major benefit to our well-being — studies prove that positive social interactions, like a kind word or a quick hug, can trigger the brain chemicals associated with happiness. Taking the opportunity to gather with other women virtually or IRL can boost your mental and emotional health; if schedules don’t align in the group chat, even hanging with one good pal can do wonders for your state of mind. According to travel trends, the “bestiemoon” — one-on-one vacations to “romantic” destinations with your BFF — are on the rise for 2023. So, window or aisle?

Gathering with women can foster professional development.

As Hall of Femme honoree Shelley Zalis wrote for Forbes, “There is power in the pack.” Putting yourself in environments that allow you to form meaningful connections with other professional women can help you gain clarity and feel more confident and inspired. It’s much easier to overcome workplace obstacles when you have a trusted group of girlfriends to share knowledge and experiences with. So, trade those tips! Talk about your salary! These discussions drive career success and access to capital and positions of power, which leads to our next reason.

Gathering with women can affect real, long-term change. 

Studies have shown that diversifying your circle can help you become more open-minded and collaborative (and less likely to make generalizations). Linking up with women from different backgrounds can also result in a more profound commitment to showing and speaking up for those who aren’t in the room — which is critical to building a more equitable world. It doesn’t matter if you're attending a retreat, popping off to Paris, or meeting nearby for a glass of wine: when women gather, great things can happen.