Aisha Chottani

Aisha Chottani is a self-described “health fundie” and the founder of Moment, the first beverage that replicates the feeling of meditation. As a Pakistani native, the Hall of Femme honoree drew on her upbringing and regular meditation practices to create an adaptogen-packed product that’s healthy, energizing, and supports a more mindful life. “I come from a culture that strongly believes in your body and mind being in harmony at all times,” says Aisha. “I started Moment because I wanted to help others do the same.” 

After two years of planning and COVID-related hiccups, Moment launched in June 2020 and won Best Startup Beverage at the BevNET New Beverage Showdown. The company ethos starts with the name. “Moment is meant to be a reminder for others to take a Moment to themselves to be mindful,” Aisha says. Moment also gives back, sharing 1% of its proceeds toward mental health nonprofits like Calm Classroom, the largest provider of school-wide mindfulness programming in the US. ““Every day our customers reach out to share how Moment is changing their lives, which makes it all worth it.”

Aisha previously served as a consultant at McKinsey & Co. where she worked with CPG companies to scale growth and optimize operations. She also led efforts on gender diversity and equality, and is dedicated to helping women thrive in all areas of their lives. “I am actively engaged in coaching and mentoring other women,” says Aisha. “As the role of women changes — especially for women with my background — it's not just about optimizing our careers; it's about balancing our lives.”

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