Alex Loscher

Alex Loscher is an integrative nutritionist and the heart and soul behind Wednesday Wellness. She offers holistic health and nutrition coaching to anyone “looking to reclaim their balance, happiness, weight, and ultimately, their true selves.” Why Wednesday? The name is meant to be a reminder that our health journeys don't always have to start on Monday (they’re stressful enough as is!). “Being an integrative nutritionist means not only looking at what you’re eating but also what brings you joy,” Alex says. “Believe it or not, there’s an intersection between the two, and health coaches are here to help you connect the dots.”

The New York native founded Wednesday Wellness to listen to, hold space for, and educate others along their path to wellness — and she has a deeply personal relationship to her work. “I could regale you with stories of my own disordered eating, the endless stress I’ve endured in my head about the way my body looks, the unending attempt at the latest diet, and all of the unhappiness that ensues,” Alex says. “I'm finally in a place where I’m okay with feeling the imbalances, and I’ve learned not only how to ride the waves, but embrace them.”