Amanda Laden 

Amanda is the founder and CEO of Amanda Laden Consulting and The VinoKarma Project, a San-Diego based startup that helps hospitality brands around the globe become socially conscious changemakers through consulting, an online show and events like pairing dinners. The VinoKarma Project provides strategic consulting on three key pillars: diversity, equity, inclusion & representation, innovation, and social impact.

With more than 20 years leading organizational realignment and strategic growth projects in more than 50 organizations and with more than 100 entrepreneurs, Amanda is well-equipped to be at the helm of VinoKarma - she embodies the very mission statement, according to her husband and nominator, Evan. 

“Amanda is a trailblazer and changemaker who brings people together over food and wine to create community, connection, and change,” he said. “She highlights underrepresented voices in the food and beverage spaces and does all of this with a social justice slant. She is a warrior and believes in creating a social impact with her business and life.”

Amanda is also a self-dubbed  traveler, culture maven, wino, foodie, dog lover, maverick, wife to Evan, and dog mom to Bernie Ishmael Schwab, a 50% bulldog, 50% scruff with his own Instagram account. Find her work on Instagram: @vinokarma_project