Amy Parker

Amy Parker is Chief Executive at The What, where she connects like-minded women to the people, products, and ideas they need. What began in 2015 as a weekly newsletter has since evolved into an engaged community of 100,000+ entrepreneurial women, leaders, and creative thinkers who rely on The What to stay clued in. 

The What is Amy’s third internet venture with longtime friend (and fellow Hall of Femme honoree!) Gina Pell. The pair first founded Splendora, a first-of-its-kind online style and culture radar, which was acquired by Joyus to become the world's first video shopping platform. Amy also made time to develop Barnraiser, a crowdfunding platform that connects people around sustainable food. “We’ve always been in the business of creating community for women,” Amy says

Amy was nominated by Hayley Leibson, who called The What “100 percent the best community I've ever had the privilege of being part of.” She noted that both Amy and Gina “truly live and breathe the ethos of women helping other women.” When it comes to building that thriving community, Amy keeps authenticity top of mind. “You don’t want it to feel authentic, you want it to be authentic,” she says. “Being authentic means being your authentic self, being real, and putting yourself out there.”