Andrea Hernandez

Snack seer and Hall of Femme-r, Andrea Hernandez is the Founder of SnaxShot, a conscious movement rising in the food and beverage industry. Self-identifying as a “cult leader,” Andrea has built her empire from the ground up with a loyal following of snack lovers who “worship sexy pantry items and sultry snacks” under the loving nicknames of “snaxbois” and “snaxpals.” SnaxShot is the must-read newsletter and must-follow platform for those interested in becoming pioneers in the latest CPG trends.

Born and operating out of Honduras, a love for food was deep-rooted in Andrea’s upbringing. From making fresh tortillas with her grandmother, to bartering in markets with her mother, food has always been a source of healing for Andrea. After attending Northeastern and a decade of marketing experience, Andrea now wears the hats of "product oracle" and "snack seer” centering her brand around a visual identity of tarot cards and other fantastical elements. 

Created in late 2020, SnaxShot is a digital universe comprising an amazingly deep and unique newsletter, a Discord channel, and a robust Twitter and Clubhouse following. Andrea’s platform continues to grow, garnering success in accurately predicting consumer trends. Within just a year of starting her brand, Andrea has landed lucrative consulting gigs and multiple TV appearances. 

By choosing to not engage in sponsored posts and saying no to brand deals, Andrea’s empire is entirely community funded, raw, and honest, and she isn’t afraid to call out or critique brands. In the future she hopes to write a book about commodification of wellness and its relationship to food.

By chronicling the evolution of postmodern snack culture and doing it on her own terms, Andrea shatters the glass ceiling by unveiling the future of snacking.