Audrey Fort

Audrey Fort is the co-founder and Strategy Director of The Rooster Factory, a multicultural creative and marketing agency specializing in the drinks industry. She is a bon vivant and “inclusive, optimistic” cocktail lover who spent a decade managing luxury goods and fragrances before creating a worldwide portfolio of spirits (from gin to tequila to vermouth!) and launching the prestigious Gin Connoisseur Program. 


Born in France, Audrey moved to Russia in her early 20s to master international trade. She was the first woman to pioneer a Russian subsidiary for Beauté Prestige International and didn’t let the pressure get her down. “I never thought about being the first woman; I just focused on what I thought was needed and did it the best I could,” Audrey says. “There was definitely some regular, not subtle push back from the old male establishment. . . I stood my ground when I was the only woman in the room with men drinking brandy or vodka during morning meetings, and pushed my ideas until I was given the green light to implement them.” 

The Hall of Femme honoree was nominated by Beth Feather. “Audrey has worked tirelessly in the PR industry. In moving to LA and following a dream, she started her own company. What a feat!” Beth says. “She’s a joy to work with and super creative, organized, and talented.”

With over 20 years of experience in global brand building and business development, Audrey has priceless advice for other women working to break boundaries. “Don't think about the glass ceiling you're trying to shatter as an indomitable summit, but approach it as a series of smaller goals,” she says. “Winning small, regular victories will reinforce your confidence and help you climb the mountain.”