Branché Foston

“True success is feeling harmonious in your relationship with self and the world around you.”

Branché Foston is the founder and CEO of The Honey Block, an outdoor wellness education platform and “digital bodega” offering classes, content, and community for people of color in South Central, Los Angeles. She’s also a certified yoga instructor and herbalist with a deep passion for connecting BIPOC with nature and to each other. Whether it’s tree pose, hitting the trails, or a cup of tea, Branché’s got you. 

“As a proud Black woman, my life has always been filled with incredible women who pour into one another,” says the Hall of Femme honoree. “I've always innately wanted to support the women, femmes and gender expansive folks around me by simply showing up and offering healing tools and practices — by meeting them where they are. That's why it's so important to me to be based in South Central, knowing there's someone here for all women.” 

Branché’s work in social justice equity ensures that she can do what she enjoys most: centering a diverse group of women and femmes while staying in close relationship to her community. “We grow with each other and are able to really practice principles like community care and mutual aid,” she says. “It reminds us that we are strong because of each other, and that our individual strengths make up a greater tapestry of joy, love, and appreciation.”

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