Brandy Lewis

Brandy Lewis is fluent in expressing herself. The Chicago native moved to Los Angeles almost seven years ago and now works in media advertising, negotiating television rates and building campaigns. Brandy is also a disabled writer and dancer who advocates to raise awareness for chronic illnesses, disabilities (both visible and invisible) and patient advocacy. 

“In 2019, there was a hashtag, #DisabledPeopleAreHot. I posted a photo of me in a wheelchair doing a wheelie with a leg up. It blew up, but a lot of the people who were commenting were saying, ‘You’re not disabled! How come your legs work?’ I had to make another post saying, ‘Not everybody who’s in a wheelchair is paralysed,’” says Brandy. "What gives me hope is seeing people on social media who are starting to speak out for issues that affect other people. I feel like it’s becoming a normalization of not [being aware of something], and then educating yourself.”

Despite many complications with her health, Brandy continues to build and leave her legacy while collecting little victories along the way. Find her on Instagram.