Buffy Maguire

Buffy is the caffeinated founder of Lady Falcon Coffee Club, a specialty coffee and tea company founded and run entirely by women out of the wild, wild west of San Francisco’s Outer Sunset District. Buffy’s love affair with coffee began in her native San Francisco—first as a drinker, then as a café proprietor, then, ultimately, as a self-taught, full-time master roaster, joining the 13% of professional roasters who are women. In coffee, roasters are the tastemakers and trendsetters, so Buffy dreamed of creating a specialty coffee company where she could share her knowledge with other women, travel the world meticulously and ethically sourcing unique beans, and craft original and delicious taste profiles. Lady Falcon is the fruition of that dream.  

“I am one of the few female master roasters in the world – a maverick looking to carve out a place for women in a male-dominated industry – It’s this fact that drove me to create Lady Falcon in the first place,” says Buffy. “At LFCC, we have an all-women team that I train and create experiences to elevate in the coffee industry. I want to share my years of knowledge and experience to bring (the team) up alongside me. I actively seek out women coffee producers, women partnerships and women creatives.”

The Lady Falcon Coffee Club name was inspired by an era in San Francisco Ocean Beach history during the 1880s, when an impromptu neighborhood of abandoned streetcars on Judah Street became “Carville-by-the-Sea.” The Falcon Ladies Bicycling Club was one of the first cars in the bunch and helped shape the freethinker legend of Carville. These women were rebels in their own way: ladies straddling bicycles during a time when women couldn’t even legally vote and still wore restrictive corsets and petticoats. With bicycling, a freedom of movement liberated them.

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