Camille Roistacher

Early on, Camille knew her career future was in cannabis. Today, she serves as founder and CEO of WYLLOW, guiding the brand’s growth from a pandemic startup to a multi-faceted cannabis business that produces premium products and WYLLOW’s first-of-its-kind immersive dispensary experience. Camille’s perspective as a bi-cultural woman of color, wife and mother informs her approach to entrepreneurship in a predominately white, cis-male dominated industry. “In our culture, money matters, so I aim to put dollars in the pockets of women,” she says. “My team and I make sure WYLLOW’s inventory is well-represented with top quality women-led brands. When I meet with women entrepreneurs, I ask about their vision as leaders and, when possible, I make connections that could help them achieve their goals. I also listen to and believe in women knowing that sometimes just being present is all that’s needed – no doing, just being. To be seen and heard is what all women deserve.”

Camille is highly regarded for vertical integration, reimagining the dispensary experience for consumers, and managing high-performance teams composed of BIPOC women, non-binary and LGBTQIA+ people who are invested in uplifting communities often sidelined or minimized in the cannabis industry.

A Pasadena native, she lives in LA with her husband and two toddlers.

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