Cara Morrison


Cara is working to bring happy hour to more homes. She serves as Chief Financial Officer of Speakeasy Co., a leading e-commerce and fulfillment platform that empowers alcohol brands to own their destiny by enabling them to sell directly to consumers without disrupting the three-tier system. Prior to joining Speakeasy, Cara served as Chief Financial Officer of IDW Publishing, an award-winning comic book and graphic novel publisher, where she held various leadership roles during a decade-long tenure with the business. While having an accounting and finance background gives Cara the opportunity to apply her skillset to almost any industry, she takes pride in being part of Speakeasy Co. because it is driving change in the industry while providing an environment that prioritizes people and culture.

“Working with a group of people who have a shared excitement and passion for what we are doing is the key to a joyful workday and a successful business,” says Cara. “We all need support in different ways at different times. I strive to make sure my team, friends, and colleagues know I'm here to listen, provide support, and be an advocate.”

Cara, who is San Diego-based, is also a licensed CPA and serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors for Traveling Stories, a children's literacy nonprofit in San Diego.

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