Carmen Favela & Esthela Davila

Esthela Davila Ojeda and Carmen Favela are the owners and co-founders of Mujeres Brew Club, a woman-led, Latinx-focused beer education group. The Hall of Femme honorees have a mission to educate and empower women of color about the beauty of craft beer and help them become more confident about pursuing a career in the industry. “Craft beer has grown leaps and bounds, and we are making our mark as strong independent women in the industry,” says Esthela, a San Diego native who is passionate about infusing her Mexican culture into their beer styles. “Anytime I can get another person to try a beer they ‘don't like’ is a win!” 

Carmen and Esthela teamed up to launch the program in 2019; when the pandemic hit, they were presented with the opportunity to open their own brewery, and Mujeres Brew House was born. It is the first and only Latinx-founded, female-run brewery in San Diego — and in a powerful twist of fate, it’s situated in Barrio Logan, the neighborhood Esthela grew up in. “Our space is literally the definition of a place that I always wanted to visit but didn't exist,” she says. With Mujeres Brew House, Esthela and Carmen are building community and giving back to it.

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