Carolyn Cantu

The first time Carolyn worked in the hospitality industry, it was to open the restaurant she now owns and operates with her husband, Chef Val Cantu. As a trained interior designer, Carolyn brings a wide range of skills to Californios, the couple’s two Michelin Star, San Francisco-based Mexican restaurant. At Ken Fulk Inc. in San Francisco, she established a foundation for classic and modern design, and designed Californios from the ground up, as an extension of her and Val’s style. With dark walls, moody lighting, and splashes of intense color, the restaurant is meant to envelope the guests and take them to a mysterious place that would not otherwise exist.

“My work aligns with my values in so many ways. I am able to help create an environment where anyone from any background can feel happy and comfortable working,” says Carolyn. “I want the business I helped build to be a healthy and happy place to be.”

Carolyn has studied many different visual disciplines, including floral design, at the Phil Rulloda School, and interior design at UC Berkeley. She is based in San Francisco with her husband, Val, and their two children, Miguel and Joyce.

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