Cate Luzio

Cate Luzio is the founder of Luminary, a membership-based career and personal growth platform created to address the systemic challenges impacting women across all industries and sectors. The Hall of Femme honoree spent two decades in financial services working with big-time businesses and banks like JP Morgan and HSBC — her career journey has taken her to London, China, and Latin America. While leading many of the institutions’ women’s networks, she recognized a lack of investment and development of talent. In 2018, she founded (and self-funded!) a collaboration hub that would arm women with the resources and community to “propel them to the top.”  

Cate is a contributing writer to Fast Company, Business Insider, and Worth, and in 2021, she was recognized as one of Forbes’ Next 1000 Entrepreneurs. She also sits on the National Board of Directors for Girls, Inc. and serves as a mentor for WENYC, where she coaches, supports, and teaches business skills to over 5,000 women. With Luminary, she hopes to uplift and up-skill others at all stages of growth, and it couldn’t come at a better time. “I started Luminary as a way to bring women (and our male allies) together to advance each other’s careers,” says. Cate. “It has quickly grown into a movement perfectly timed to push us through the current workplace crisis.”

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