Chana Ewing

Chana has long been obsessed with storytelling and marketing that instigates a more equitable society. The self-described cultural entrepreneur has funneled this commitment into her work in beauty, retail, film and publishing –all of which centers around multicultural and inclusive audiences. Chana self-funded a subscription box company, GeenieBox, that featured books, lifestyle products and experiences curated by iconic Black women monthly. This experience led to her most recent role as founder and CEO at GEENIE, a culture-first beauty platform for undiscovered creators, heralded at the forefront of intersectionality and Gen Z marketing in the beauty space. Chana defines success as “being on your own side and staying there no matter what comes.”

For nearly a decade prior to GEENIE, she led digital marketing campaigns for Emmy award-winning and Oscar-nominated documentaries (clients have included PBS, Netflix, Discovery, Firelight Media, and more). Beyond her film marketing experience, Chana is an Executive Producer on the narrative-documentary hybrid film, "I Love Bed-Stuy”; the author of the bestselling children’s book “An ABC of Equality” (with illustrations by Paulina Morgan), which introduces complicated concepts like equality, identity and social justice; and a speaker and thought leader whose work has been featured in Yahoo! Finance, Nasdaq, BET, Black Enterprise, Coveteur, Essence, and Vogue. 

Originally from Boston’s Black cultural center, Roxbury, Chana graduated from the University of Virginia and now calls Brooklyn home. She is active in the city’s arts, social impact and business communities, participating in the inaugural classes of The Andrew Goodman Foundation’s Millennial Advisory Committee and 651 Arts Young Professionals Committee, and serving on the Board of Black Film Space (a non-profit supporting the careers of Black filmmakers); the Advisory Board of (a for-profit community of high impact women and non-binary folks); and as a career advisor via Women NYC.

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