Claudia Romo Edelman

Claudia Romo Edelman is a diplomat, activist, speaker, and the founder of We Are All Human, a campaign ensuring equity, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of social, economic, and political agendas around the world. Born in Mexico City, Claudia lived in Europe for two decades and has over 25 years of marketing and advocacy work under her belt (as well as being a media contributor, special advisor for UNICEF, and member of the Mexican Foreign Affairs service). She has launched hundreds of successful mobilization campaigns for some of the world's biggest humanitarian causes, like the World Economic Forum, UN Refugee Agency, and the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria. And she’s far from finished.

“She built and is leading the Hispanic Star movement, the first [platform] to elevate every Hispanic leader in the US, says Rosario B. Casas, who nominated Claudia for the Hall of Femme. “She is changing the scene for Hispanics.” Claudia’s reach is undeniable, and she’s using it to unify and uplift her community. “We have the chance to change the history of Latinos and to have the next generation be fully paid, fully respected, and fully seen,” she says. “This is our time. We owe it to our ancestors. They did all the work, and now we’re so ready.”

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