Denetrias Charlemagne

Denetrias “Dee” Charlemagne is the co-founder of AVEC, a line of premium, better-for-you mixers made in Brooklyn. Launched in 2020, the brand is rethinking mixers by creating all-natural products that are low in sugar and calories and speak to the progressive spirit of today. “AVEC is making drinking more of a choice; you can mix it with spirit or have it solo as a zero-proof treat,” Dee says. “Whether or not you want the booze, you are still participating in the moment.”

Dee is an NYC native and former advertising executive with a unique blend of experiences spanning marketing, digital media, branded content and publishing. Her favorite thing about working at AVEC is mixing creativity and business to bring people joy. “I love that drinking brings all kinds of people together,” says Dee. “If I could, I would go on a campaign to get people to become friends with one person that they least expect — research has shown that when diverse people become friends, they have great potential to disrupt bias and build appreciation in potent ways.”

In addition to bringing them together, Dee uplifts other women by, well, putting her money where her mouth is. “I am always looking for BIPOC and female-led brands to support with my dollars, but also spend a lot of time networking and connecting powerful women with each other,” she says. “Social capital is also important!”

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