Dr. Naomi Dabby

With more than 20 years of experience in medicine, Dr. Naomi Shabby is highly qualified – and on a mission – to take healthcare to new horizons. She is the CEO and founder of modMD, an innovative healthcare movement providing premium service for on-site, on-demand COVID testing, lab analysis and personalized medical care. Alongside her at modMD are her sisters, Lisa and Nadine, who are also in the medical field as an MD and nanotechnology scientist, respectively. 

“My entire career, I have mentored women developing careers in medicine and in business,” says Naomi. “My company has many women leaders in place, (and) this is my second company with all female founders. My first company provided a portion of our profits directly to STEM education for women.” 

Naomi, who is based in LA, believes passionately that medicine needs to be more accessible and hold higher technological standards, which is why she loves the challenge of building businesses in emerging markets. Previously, Naomi was a founder of shEOS, an all-female block producer for EOS (in the blockchain space). She has practiced emergency medicine in large trauma centers for the past 20 years in NY, LA and San Francisco.

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