Eli Rallo

“I define success by finding ways to honor your life while simultaneously pushing your own boundaries in pursuit of your potential.”

Eli Rallo is a New York-based writer, content creator, podcast host and former Ted Talk(er). The Columbia and University of Michigan grad studied journalism, theater management, political science and creative writing. It has definitely paid off: Eli’s debut book, I Didn't Know I Needed This, will be released fall 2023. Her weekly podcast, The Miss Congeniality, covers mental health, sex, dating and more. The Hall of Femme honoree is committed to using her voice to uplift others, share resources, and speak out about important issues others may be afraid to broach. Even though she’s a speaker, Eli also prides herself on “listening to listen, and not respond.”

“What I love the most about my work is that at my fingertips I have the ability to open dialogues with other people — many of them women,” says Eli. “It has also always been my goal to work with women and those who identify as women to create safe havens for us to speak, open dialogues, and celebrate one another.”

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