Elizabeth Entin

After a loss in the family prompted her to explore topics she had always dismissed as “woo,” Liz discovered valid science to back up certain aspects of spirituality. This prompted her recent book and accompanying podcast, WTF Just Happened?!, centers on science and spirituality, discussing topics ranging from “is there an afterlife?” to “singularity (if/when machines can develop consciousness).” Liz is also passionate about climate change and is in the process of launching a new startup called Why Get Wasted, to help make going low-waste simple and accessible. 

“To me, success is figuring out what I care about and what impact I care to have and then creating businesses that accomplish this,” she said. “I am a big believer in community and that collaborating gets you much further than competing. Even in similar businesses, I think everyone goes much further sharing resources, knowledge and helping one another grow than if you try to compete.”

Liz has also consulted on Blockchain startups as well as invested in NFTs and Crypto. She testified against Harvey Weinstein as a secondary witness, which resulted in her chihuahua, who one time chased and frightened him, to become famous. 

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