Erika Murdock Balbuena

“Build and always be curious.”

Erika Murdock Balbuena is a strategist currently serving as the Head of ESG at Robinhood, where she leads the stock trading and investment app’s corporate environment, social, and governance strategy. Previously, Erika was Global Head of Impact Computing at Amazon Web Services, and headed up Strategic Initiatives at The San Francisco native is also an executive member of HiPower, a group of women leaders laser-focused on accelerating one another’s success. Erika’s extensive work in tech goes hand in hand with her commitment to uplifting others — “If we don’t do this, what else is there?” she says — and her general outlook on life: “to leave the women around you better.” 

Erika has shared her passion for technology’s role in solving worldwide problems at events like the Global Philanthropy Forum and NetHope Global Summit. And while working on large strategic projects is something Erika loves most about her job, she also values the women she works alongside and “enabling companies to be forces of good in the world.” What gets her out of bed in the morning? Snuggles from her husband and children, and an early workout. “We’re alive!” Erika says. “When you’re aligned in your work and family life, being alive is the only reason we need.”

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