Eva Recinos

Eva Recinos is an arts and culture journalist and creative non-fiction writer based in Los Angeles. She has been writing since she was a kid, and keeps a focus on underrepresented groups. “I love words and the challenges that come with them,” says Eva. “I’m most interested in stories and people that haven’t been highlighted so much in mainstream media. Every interview I do, I learn something new.” 

Eva’s writing has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, Remezcla, Hunker, Bitch, and more. She is a 2021 Pen America Emerging Voices Fellowship finalist, and also creates a free monthly newsletter, Notes From Eva, about art, writing, and living more creatively. Eva is invested in encouraging creatives to follow their dreams, and doesn’t hesitate to share the things that have impacted her. “When I read a good book I recommend it to everyone I know, and each month, I use my newsletter as a space to talk honestly about the challenges of being a creative person,” she says. 

Eva was nominated for the Hall of Femme by Seth Hansen, who shouted her out as a “super talented writer and editor” as well as “a fierce advocate of POC and LGBTQ+ works.” And while she used to define success as “how many hours I could squeeze out of the day,” these days Eva is all about connecting with her readers, and fellow creatives. “If even one of my pieces inspires, entertains or moves someone, that’s the best feeling,” she says.

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