Gabriella Yitzhaek Tegen

Gabriella (Gaby) began her career in the real estate scene and transitioned to the world of tech startups. A top sales performer, she rose through the ranks of proptech startup Reonomy and became the Founder and CEO of Smartrr, the first subscription app built with the end consumer in mind. 

The app was inspired by the challenges in brick and mortar coupled with the rise of ecommerce during the pandemic, and Gaby gravitated towards the Shopify ecosystem and its community of extremely passionate DTC founders. After more than 100 interviews with brands across all verticals, her market research revealed subscriptions as a major pain point for brands, so she got to work. Nearly two years in the making, Smartrr raised over $7 million in seed funding, currently 30+ employees, went public on the Shopify app store, and services hundreds of high-growth brands who are reporting impressive stats (such as 2x subscription revenue in just 90 days) on Smartrr. 

“I am proud to say almost 70% of our leadership team is comprised of women, 40% of our engineering team is comprised of women,” says Gaby. “We give opportunities to (help) women rise and grow in their careers. We help support women-led businesses in a variety of ways. By helping women in their careers, we support them to build a strong foundation for their futures.”

Gaby earned her bachelor’s degree in business administration, international business and marketing at George Washington University. In her spare time, she explores Hoboken’s local shops, markets and restaurants with her husband and adorable pup, Riley. 

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