Georgie-Ann Getton

“I define success as chasing your dreams and having a great time while doing it.”

Georgie-Ann Getton is a tech ecosystem trailblazer and the founder and CEO of GSD Solutions, a business development agency specializing in virtual event production. She is also a multimedia content creator and speaker for her brand GSD with Georgie. The New York-based mom of two penned the memoir and entrepreneurship guide The Art of Getting Sh*t Done, and hosts the podcast “Doing The Most: The Misadventures of Entrepreneurship.” What does Georgie love most about doing the most? “I get to be myself every day and use my natural skills,” she says. “In past work, I had to pretend to be someone that I wasn't in order to have a seat at the table. Now I show up at all times as my full self.”

Georgie emigrated to the US from Jamaica when she was seven, and shares her story with other women to offer encouragement. “Oftentimes I hear women say they couldn't see themselves in a certain space or role. I lead by example, share my story, and listen to women when they share their truth,” she says. The Hall of Femme honoree is passionate about collaborating with others, and holds a seat on the NY Tech Alliance and Caribbeans in Tech and Entrepreneurship Boards. 

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