Gina Corell Aglietti

Co-Founder & CEO of the women-centered Yola Mezcal

Have you been drinking enough women-made mezcal? It's time to order some Yola Mezcal for yourself. Co-Founded by CEO Gina Corell Aglietti with Oaxacan-native Yola Jimenez and musician Lykke Li, Yola is a women-driven brand that puts a truly new spin on everyone's favorite smoky agave spirit. Like distilling and the world of spirits in general, mezcal production has historically been a male-dominated industry, and Yola is here to change that. Going deeper, Yola serves as an opportunity to uplift women in and the overall Oaxacan community, where women rarely have control over their personal finances or entrepreneurial ventures. 

Described by Lykke as “a strong drink for strong women," we love seeing Yola shining bright in this emerging category that has so often become our drink of choice. 

After spending quality time bonding over food and mezcal at Yola’s mezcaleria, the trio reimagined an old family brand to launch their Oaxaca-based company.  While mezcal has grown in popularity in recent years, it's the substance behind the Yola brand and Gina’s dedication to that mission that we fell in love with. While the three friends wanted to honor Yola’s heritage, they've built a brand centered around the women who work the farm, and then distill, bottle, and sell the end product.  

Known for hosting intimate dinner and house parties, Gina has used her knack for entertaining and connecting with people to help get the brand off the ground.  Focusing on pairing fresh from her garden ingredients with a deep focus on those in attendance, Gina’s home has also served as headquarters and proving grounds for her mezcal brand.