Gina Pell

Gina Pell is Content Chief at The What, a fast-growing newsletter and vibrant online media network of over 100,000 women who connect, share, and learn through the lens of lifestyle and leadership. An early internet pioneer and serial entrepreneur, Gina got her start as the founder of, a female-focused lifestyle site (and one of the first of its kind). It was acquired by Joyus to launch the world's first video shopping platform. Gina also developed the digital content studio LOLy Studios before partnering with Amy Parker (another Hall of Femme honoree this month!) to “create a global sisterhood of women who lift each other up while discovering and sharing what they love.” In 2015, The What was born. 

Gina was nominated by Hayley Leibson, who described The What as “an incredible community of powerhouse women leaders from different industries.” The What brings like-minded women together through content, commerce, and collectives and transforms the way we discover and share wisdom. But Gina doesn’t just build successful companies; she also coins terms. Gina is attributed as the creator of Perennial, a neologism to describe “a curious, ever-blooming mindset shared by people of all ages who resist categorization and being defined by generation.”