Gloria Chou

Gloria always has a pitch. She’s a PR mentor, podcast host and pitch guru who teaches early-stage startup founders how to "hack their own PR" with her proprietary 3-step CPR Pitching Method™, which has helped thousands of bootstrapped small businesses get a combined 1 billion+ organic views in top tier outlets such as The New York Times, Vogue, Fast Company, Forbes and more. A former U.S. diplomat who never worked in PR or had industry contacts, Gloria’s mission is to make PR more accessible so all founders can learn how to get traction and build credibility without hiring an agency to do it for them. 

“I believe everyone should have equal access to opportunities and resources - not just those with money or well established companies,” says Gloria. “The economy is built on small businesses. Communities are built on small businesses. This is the group of people I'm dedicated to helping and it is a never ending process! As long as new businesses are being started, I'll be here to support and teach them how to land press without expensive ads and agencies.”

Gloria, who is based in New York City, hosts the Small Business PR Podcast and helps support women-owned businesses, in particular, by creating a diverse, inclusive community for all ages, ethnicities, nationalities, in any industry – showing them they are in full control of their story and it deserves to be told. She was recently awarded the “Pitch Writing Expert of the Year” for 2021 as a part of the Influential Businesswomen Awards.

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