Hannah McKinley

“I have never believed more strongly in the power of women helping women.”  

Hannah McKinley is a fashion writer and the Editorial Director at luxury online shopping platform Editorialist. The San Francisco-based mom of two is also the Founding Editor of In Kind Magazine, an independent, biannual modern lifestyle magazine devoted to style, motherhood, and “living a life that matters." In Kind was born amidst the pandemic, and has given the Hall of Femme honoree an opportunity to build community with other women and deliver their authentic stories.

“I firmly believe that a rising tide lifts all boats — and I have tried to pay it forward as much as possible, whether that means highlighting another woman and her story, or making connections with women who can help each other,” says Hannah. “I think the community in motherhood is so huge. I hope that what I'm doing is just contributing to that, making women and mothers feel less alone.”

For Hannah, success is rooted in personal fulfillment. “It's not about a paycheck or a title, but about finding joy and balance — being challenged in what I do professionally, but knowing it doesn't define me,” she says. “I feel most successful when I'm learning and growing, when I feel myself evolving, and getting to do something I'm passionate about.”

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